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As an independent company, Americot is dedicated to working together with cotton growers throughout the Cotton Belt to provide elite performing cottonseed varieties within the marketplace. Growers can count on our NexGen® brand varieties for high yield potential, excellent fiber quality, and disease tolerance in the technologies they want and need to be successful. Through license agreements, we have acquired both insecticide and herbicide traits including Bollgard II®, Bollgard® 3 and XtendFlex®, offering superior worm control and resistance to three herbicides; glyphosate, glufoinate and dicamba. Furthermore, trait integration is underway to introduce two new insect genes conferring resistance to Lygus and Lepidopteran insects. Americot is very aggressive in the adoption of new technologies we believe will have an impact on the marketplace and will introduce new solutions for growers. To learn more about our technology offerings or to find a sales representative near you, contact us at 888.678.SEED.

Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex®
Bollgard II® XtendFlex®
Bollgard II® Roundup Ready® Flex