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Excellent performance in yield and fiber quality starts with selecting superior germplasm.  Our breeding program utilizes both conventional and molecular breeding methods to develop cottons with disease and nematode resistance.  In addition, our breeders have started a minimal moisture research project that is unique to our cotton breeding program.  In order to develop broadly adapted varieties, we currently manage breeding nurseries in Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas.  The integration of the NexGen and Syngenta germplasm has provided a broad genetic base of cottonseed lines.  This germplasm depth allows us to build upon the resources we already have at Americot. We will continue to develop a broad germplasm base so that we will have performance enhanced germplasm for new technological traits.

Growers know seed quality is all about production and processing.  We are committed to giving attention to details – this includes maintaining high standards in our field production and how our seed is processed.

Quality cottonseed alone is not enough to meet the needs of our customers – we know each field has different needs and growers need answers to help them make the best production decisions.  We strive to have exceptional people with sound field experience and integrity to serve our growers.

Sometimes, environmental conditions can be hard on area crops and replants are common due to hail and other adverse weather.  We believe in our varieties and are willing to stand behind them.  We have demonstrated this commitment by implementing a replant program that provides free replacement seed to farmers who need to replant behind a failed or lost stand of Americot® and NexGen® cottonseed.   A drought relief program is also in effect for fields that fail to yield 150 pounds of lint per land acre.

At Americot, our priorities are simple:  excellent performance, quality products, and exceptional people to serve our growers.  Our advantage is that our sole focus is on cottonseed, and we strive to provide quality cottonseed in varieties with high yield potential and excellent fiber properties with the most current technologies.  Please continue browsing through the site and contact us with questions or suggestions for improvement.  We want the opportunity to earn your business!


Terry Campbell
General Manager

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