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We have always said, at Americot, our priorities are simple: excellent performance, quality products, and exceptional people to serve our growers. Our advantage is the sole focus is on cottonseed, and we strive to provide quality cottonseed in varieties with high yield potential, excellent fiber properties and with the most current technologies.

Excellent performance in yield and fiber quality starts with developing and selecting superior germplasm. Since our start in Littlerock, AR in 1987, we have committed ourselves to providing cotton varieties that meet grower needs. The integration of the NexGen and Syngenta germplasm in 2007 has provided a broad and unique genetic base of cottonseed lines. This germplasm depth allows us to build upon the resources we already had at Americot. We are continuing to build a broad germplasm base which enables the development of performance enhanced germplasm for new technological traits. Our breeding program utilizes both conventional and molecular breeding methods to develop cotton with disease and nematode resistance. In order to develop broadly adapted varieties, we manage breeding nurseries in Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, and Georgia. Through license agreements we have acquired both insecticide and herbicide traits like Bollgard II® and XtendFlex® which offer superior worm control and resistance to three herbicides; glyphosate, glufosinate, and dicamba. Furthermore, trait integration is under way to introduce two new insect genes conferring resistance to Lygus and Lepidopteran insects.

Growers know seed quality is all about production and processing. Production programs in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas insure multiple high quality sources of seed.  When it comes to seed quality, we pay attention to the details – this includes maintaining high standards beginning with our seed producers in field production, through ginning, delinting, treatment and packaging.

Quality cottonseed alone is not enough to meet the needs of our customers – we know each field has different needs and growers need answers to help them make the best production decisions. Our staff is comprised of exceptional people with sound field experience and integrity to serve our growers.

Sometimes, environmental conditions can be hard on area crops and replants are common due to hail and other adverse weather.  We believe in our varieties and are willing to stand behind them. We have demonstrated this commitment by implementing a replant and drought program that provides assistance to growers.

At Americot, all we do is cotton, all the time. We are committed to the continued development of quality products with the latest insect and herbicide technologies, providing excellent performance backed by knowledgeable people to serve growers.